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Xzibit – Foundation / La base

xzibit - foundation

Artista : Xzibit
Album : At the Speed of Life
Canción : Foundation / La base  ver video
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Verse 1
When I look you in your eyes I can see my own
Straight love manifested in flesh and bone
You’s a breath of fresh air in this world of shit
You was born to be a soldier don’t ever forget
Hit back when hit
Use force that’s effective
All these bitches and women
Son, please be selective
This is California can’t stick your dick in everything
We will survive necessarily by any means
Let no man ever hold you down or supress you
It’s the 90’s the police just arrest you,
disrespect you on occasion take life
By the time you come of age they’ll probably blast on sight
It’s a shame they protect them but try to serve us
When your neck is on the line stand ground then bust
In God we trust but just incase keep it loaded and locked
Ready to rock
Then shake the spot
The Foundation

Verse 2

You came from a long line of killers and drug dealers
Who forever smoke bud
So it’s probably in your blood
Realize you can only run the streets so long
Then the streets run you into the ground then gone
It’s kinda ruff trying to teach you what’s right from wrong
Same shit different day
It’s the same ol’ song
If the time ever comes that I meet my match
Take control of my assets
Fuck startin’ from scratch
Take care of your mother
Keep yourself on track
Just cause niggas get behind you don’t mean they got your back
Beware of the serpent
Cause there’s a time in life the mothafucker will strike
And try to make you loose sight
Don’t be a fake mothafucker tryin’ to keep shit real
Fill cassettes with idle threats with no guts to kill
Son if you ever pull heat
Then use it
If you got a chance to walk away
Then do it
Total domination takes full concentration in all situations
A solid foundation

Verse 3

You are the foundation
Begining of a new generation
I remember hospital hallway pacin’
I was anxious as fuck to see your face shine
Only to find that yours looked like mine
So it’s like I’m livin’ twice at the exact same time
In this life you can’t press stop
Then press rewind
Gotta live to the fullest never follow behind no man
Have your own plan, expand your mind
Ain’t no paper thin game to raise wannabe thugs
This is nothing but love
Via sattelite Muggs
Take heed when it’s your turn to bring new life
Make sure it’s the woman you gonna make your wife
Be prepared for the worst
But expect the best
No matter where life takes you
Come home to the West
Survival takes more than just gats and guns
That’s words to live by
From a father to a son

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Dr Dre – The message / El mensaje

Dr Dre - The Message / El Mensaje
Dr Dre – The Message / El Mensaje

Artista : Dr. Dre (ft. Mary J. Blige & Rell)
Album : The Chronic 2001
Canción : The message / El mensaje  ver video
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[Dr. Dre]
This one is for my brother, Tyree, R.I.P.
.. {*Mary J. Blige sings in the background*} ..
A message to God
.. {*Mary J. Blige sings in the background*} ..

[Dr. Dre]
Since you finishin em early, what posessed you to start him?
We made a vow – later we’ll regret til death do us part
Lord, I thought we was made for each other
You shouldn’t connect those, made to be taken away from each other
Now what I’m supposed to do? I’m only half the man that I was
I’ll never last, cause my better half is up there with you
You knew what you was doin when you made us; so with all due respect
you coulda forgave him, you didn’t have to take him
He can take the game with him, cause he defines the word
The one who puts the G in it, who you think put me in it?
I’m feelin like my whole world is blinded – wonderin why
Cryin, pourin out my heart, pourin out liquor behind it
We fought like brothers, somethin we never should do
We coulda used time spent arguin tellin the truth
He had talent too – I had plans on watchin him grow
Don’t know what hurts more – seein him leave, or watchin him go

[Mary J. Blige]
Listen listen listen.. (listen) whoahh (listen)
Listen listen listen.. (better listen) whoahh-oahhh-oahhh
Listen listen listen.. {*harmonizing*}
Listen.. mmm-mmm-mmm

[Rell] + {Mary}
If you wanna know why.. {why I live my life}
The way that I do.. {cause I got to get this money}
So don’t worry about me.. {cause I know my way around}
I’m just hustlin everyday, runnin this race, makin this paper

[Dr. Dre]
Youse a soldier, you’re probably packin heat up there
Met up with homies from the street, and got deep up there
If you only knew the way I felt before they ruined the crew
I thought I learned from Eazy, now I’m goin through it with you
We lost a thug, a son, and a father
I spoke to your son, the other day, and told him Uncle Dre got him
The Lord must be accidentally pulling your file
cause I’m still paging you, 911, straight in denial
Prayin you get it, but no man can choose the card he was dealt
You either quit, or you gon’ play it like you get it
I done been through all emotions, from in shock, to keepin a poker face
to straight breakin down and showin all emotions
I’m anxious to believe in real G’s don’t cry
If that’s the truth, then I’m realizin I ain’t no gangsta
It’s just not me, but you know I’ma always ride wit you
I miss you, sometimes I wish I just died wit you

[Mary J. Blige]
Listen listen listen.. (listen) whoahh (listen)
Listen listen listen.. whoahh-oahhh-oahhh
Listen listen listen.. {*harmonizing*}
Listen.. eyy-eyy-eyy-yeah-yeahh

[Rell] + {Mary}
If you wanna know why.. {why I live my life}
The way that I do.. {cause I got to get this money}
So don’t worry about me.. {don’t worry, don’t worry worry}
I’m just hustlin everyday, runnin this race, makin this paper

[Mary J. Blige]
yeah, yeah, ahhh-oooh-oahahahhhhh.. listen..
if you don’t know why I.. you gotta listen up right now
lis-ten, lis-ten, lis-ten, lis-ten..
oooooooooh… oahahoooohhh ooooha ohhhhh
lis-ten, lis-ten
ahhhowooooo yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah
yeah-ehh-yeah, yeah-ooeooooh
yahhooooohahhooooh listen
lis-ten, children lis-ten
I’m tryin to tell you somethin good
Don’t get caught up in the hood
Yeahhh-hah, yeahhh-hah, aooooooh
if you don’t know why..
you gotta find out the reason why..
brother.. brother..

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